7 YouTube Channels Freelance Translators/Interpreters Need to Watch!

I learned how to design my translation business website through YouTube.This was the first time I saw how valuable video content could be. Then I started to subscribe to many YouTube channels according to my needs.

I learned a lot about digital marketing, SEO, the best productivity tools, sales techniques, and how to choose a marketing strategy.

YouTube is the second search engine in the world! So, you definitely can find what you are looking for there.

After more than 8 years of watching videos and subscribing/unsubscribing to many channels, I can tell you the best channels you can follow to help you improve your business as a freelance translator.

YouTube Channels for Freelance Translators:

There are not enough YouTube channels for freelance translators. However, I can see more translators are creating video content, which is a good thing. You can create videos on YouTube to build your brand and show yourself as an expert in the translation field. Also, you can just use videos to help other translators improve their businesses. These are my top 4 YouTube channels that I follow.

1. Freelance Translator Tips 

This channel’s videos are created by Robert Gebhardt, who is an Italian-English translator and writer. Based on the number of subscribers, this is the most popular YouTube channel for freelance translators. Robert talks about marketing for freelance translators, language learning, and sometimes give technical tips for freelance translators. The most interesting videos for me are the ones in his series “Consultant corner.” Through this series, he provides specific business advice for freelance translators.

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2. Inside Interpreting 

This channel’s videos are created by Dr. Jonathan Downie, who is an English-French interpreter and a public speaker. Though the channel seems to be dedicated to interpretation buyers, freelance interpreters will find a great value on Jonathan’s talks. They will know how to speak with their clients and how to handle their questions. What I love about his content is the storytelling way he uses to communicate his ideas.

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3. Sarah K 

This channel’s videos are created by Sarah K., who is an English-Japanese translator. Sarah is specialized in Anime translation, so she talks a lot about it. Her videos are mainly for translators who work with Japanese, but you will definitely enjoy her other videos. She advises freelance translators about where to find clients, the qualifications needed, and how freelance translators can improve their career. Sara has a funny way of presenting her ideas, which is why her videos are always interesting to watch.

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4. Translators On Air

This channel’s videos are created by two Russian translators, Dmitry and Elena. Although they have not produced new content for a long time, the videos of their webcast “Translators On Air” are a great resource for freelance translators’ personal development. They used to host professional translators in this webcast. You can learn about translation tools, marketing, SEO, sales, blogging, and other topics.

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5. Virginia Katsimpiri

This channel’s videos are created by Virginia Katsimpiri, who is a Greek translator. Virginia launched her channel recently and she is making videos mainly for new freelance translators. Her content is very structured and simple to follow. As Virginia is a mentor also, she is pushing the new translators through challenges to make them do the work :). If you are starting your career as a freelance translator, you need to check her challenge video series for sure.

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YouTube Channels By Other Professionals

You can learn more things when you listen or watch people outside the translation and localization industry. You can see more creative ideas put into practice and new ways of marketing. This can help you find different strategies to market your freelance translation business. Here are three channels you can watch on YouTube:

5. The Futur

This channel is mainly run by Chris Do, who is a well-known face in the design business. Although it is for freelance graphic designers, translators can learn a lot through this channel. Chris does not only talk about the technical side of graphic design, but he also talks about social media marketing, personal branding, project management, and other related topics for freelancers.

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6. Paul Minors

This channel is run by the productivity expert Paul Minors. If you are serious about being a productive translator, why not learn some tools to help you out? This is what Paul talks about most of the time: productivity hacks and tools. His videos explain how you can use productivity tools to make sales and improve your time management skills.

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7. Surfside PPC

I do not know who creates videos for this channel, as he does not mention his name. The channel content focuses mainly on how to run paid advertising. If you plan to use paid ads for your translation business, this is the channel to follow. You will learn a lot about LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads. You will learn both technical and business skills related to running paid ads.

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Final Words!

Experts say the best way to use YouTube is when you want to learn something at a technical level. This is called “How to” videos. However, I have used YouTube for many years for different things and learned a lot. You can start by subscribing to these 7 channels and move from there.If you recommend any additional YouTube channels, leave me a comment and I may add them to the list.

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