3 Types of Podcasts Translators Should Listen to

When I discovered podcasts a few years ago, I said: “that is it! That is what I was looking for.”

 Then podcasts became an essential part of my life. I listened to about 250 hours of audio episodes in the last two years!

 Listening to podcasts can solve a real problem for you as a freelance translator.

 You already know you need to attend a course or read books to improve your business, but you do not have time for that.

 You are always busy; one day, you work in an urgent translation assignment, the next day, you need to finish your admin and invoicing work, then you may receive another translation assignment, and the loop continues again and again.

 Listening can be an excellent solution for you in case you do not have time to study courses or read books.

 In this article, I will let you know what types of podcasts you need to listen to if you like to improve your freelance translation business.  But first, let me answer a question.

Why Do Freelance Translators Need to Listen to Podcasts?

There are three reasons why I think you need to listen to podcasts. Here they are:

Make Use of Your Free Time: you can listen to podcasts during most of your free time; while walking, driving your car, waiting for someone, cooking in the kitchen, or even doing the admin work of your translation business.

Listen to Quick Advice: Usually, podcast episodes are 30-60 minutes long, and some are less. In this short time, you may listen to gold advice from people who have succeeded in their business.

Learn From The Experts: Many podcast hosts are experts in their fields who talk from real experiences. Some of the episodes can be considered mini-courses.

There are Three Types of Podcasts That Freelance Translators Should Listen to

The list below is not exclusive; I change the names and types of the podcasts I listen to every 3-4 months. It all depends on what I want to learn about.

But there are general types of podcasts I listen to regularly.

Type #1: General Business Advice Podcasts

Podcasts that talk about business can help you run your translation business better. Also, you can learn from the failures and successes of others. But remember, you are unique and need to run your translation business your way.

Garyvee Audio Experience Podcast: This one is presented by Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a well-known investor and public speaker. He gives general advice about how to run a business in the modern age. What I like about Gary is his tough and direct business and marketing advice. You will find it a real and inspiring podcast. Most of his advice is in the keynote speeches recordings on the podcast.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast: This one is presented by John Lee Dumas. He has a very friendly voice. The podcast episodes are interviews with business owners who talk about their journey and challenges. The best part about John is that he takes you directly to the topic of the episode and does not ramble around the topic.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

The Copywriter Club Podcast: This one is presented by both Kira Hug and Rob Marsh, and both are copywriters. They talk mainly about copywriting business, but they give tips and advice that work for freelance translators also. You will listen to advice about how to work with clients, strategies for marketing, and other freelancing business advice.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Type #2: Marketing Advice Podcasts:

As marketing is essential for any successful translation business, you need to learn more about the different marketing strategies you can use. Try to listen to podcasts that focus on B2B marketing, as these are more related to our business as translators.

The Marketing Book Podcast: This one is presented by Douglas Burdett. Douglas runs a marketing company called “Artillery.” Every week, he hosts a book author to speak about a new book in marketing. In about 30 minutes, you can have a general idea about the book’s topic. This podcast will keep you updated with the latest trends in marketing strategies.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Social Media Marketing Podcast: This one is presented by Michael Stelzner. He is the founder of Social Media Examiner, which is a popular website for social media marketing tips. The podcast will introduce you to the business side of social media. You will listen to experts who talk about advertising, content marketing for social media, LinkedIn, and Facebook marketing strategies.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Marketing School Podcast: This one is presented by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, and both are well-known experts in the digital marketing world. You will hear everything about digital marketing; content creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid advertising, marketing tools, blogging, and other digital marketing-related topics.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Type #3: Translation-Related Podcasts:

Of course, you cannot ignore podcasts that are related to the translation and localization industry. There are a few of them. Below is a list of my favorite podcasts in our space.

Marketing Tips for Translators Podcast: This one is presented by Tess Whitty, who is an ATA certified English into Swedish translator. Tess hosts experienced translators who talk about interesting topics for freelance translators, such as marketing and client communication. The best part about the podcast is that it gives you translators-related advice, not general advice about business.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Speaking of Translation Podcast: This one is presented by Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux; both are professional freelance translators with a long track record. The podcast episodes give practical advice for translators, which you can apply immediately. They talk about online presence, productivity, marketing, learning a second language, and other interesting topics.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Globally Speaking Podcast: This one is presented by Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens; both are leading experts in the language industry. This podcast is directed more for clients, not freelance translators. You will learn more about the world of direct clients, their challenges, and needs.

Click Here to visit this podcast page.

Recommended Mobile Apps to Listen to Podcasts:

If you like to become a podcast junkie like me, you need to install a mobile application for podcasts. These are my favorite ones:

For Android users: you can use Podcast Addict application. This is a fantastic one. It has a powerful search feature that makes me miss my Android phone very badly.

For iPhone users: you can use the Stitcher application. I use this personally. You can set a limit for the downloads coming from podcasts and has a nice interface.

Final Words

If you do not have time to attend courses or read books, podcasts can be a real help for you. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts and make your smartphone work for you. This can be a life-changing learning experience.

Comment below and let me know what you think about using podcasts instead of books and/or courses.

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  1. Fellow podcast fan here ? Thanks for this, Sherif! Will definitely check out the few I don’t know about yet! I also recommend Copyblogger FM (for copywriters but still applies to translators).

    1. Sherif Abuzid says:

      Thanks Becky. Will update the post with some additional recommendations soon 🙂

  2. Thank you for the list, Sherif, another fellow podcast fan here! I also listen to podcasts by Millo.co. Although originally focused on creative business, it has a lot of useful tips on general management and prosperity in freelance business. Podcasts also help me keep up-to-date in my specialisation (I would recommend “Fintech Insider by 11:FS” for those specialising in everything fintech, banking, technology and financial services).

  3. Thank you for this article. As far as I am concerned, I cannot listen to podcasts and do other tasks as mentioned, mainly if it’s as long as one hour. I need to take notes while listening to make use of the tips given. I think if the podcast is transcribed, it can be read in less time!

    1. Sherif Abuzid says:

      Thanks for commenting Bushra. You are totally right if you like to take notes you have to focus while listening. My way is to consume audio content from different resources while walking or driving. It is all about personal preferences 🙂 Let me know your favorite podcasts.

  4. Ghada Hamdy says:

    Kindly, let us know the links for the above mentioned podcasts.

    1. Sherif Abuzid says:

      Hi Ghada, just added the links to all podcasts.

      1. Ghada Hamdy says:

        Thanks and appreciated, Mr. Sherif.

  5. Yves Bourjolly says:

    Thank you for those information. Please provide me with the links for those podcasts.

    1. Sherif Abuzid says:

      Hi Yves , just updated the post with the links

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