How Translators Can Choose Their Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the number one issue many language services professionals talk about.

They express this in different ways, such as “I don’t have enough work volume”, “I need more clients” or “my clients do not send me enough work”.

These responses mean they do not do enough marketing.

With many offline and online marketing strategies, translators may stretch themselves thin trying to use every marketing strategy out there, but that’s not how it works.

You need to pick a few marketing strategies that may work for you and focus on them so you can achieve great results in less time.

But, which marketing strategy should you choose?

This is what I will help with in this article.

Below are three things you need to consider when choosing the right marketing strategy for your translation or interpretation business.

Know What You Can Do And Stick To It

To achieve faster results from your marketing activities, you need to focus on what you are capable of right now.

If you are an outdoor person, maybe attending conferences and offline events is the best marketing strategy to start with.

If you do not like going out and meeting people, maybe you are better at writing emails to clients or using social media to market your translation or interpretation services.

Consistency is very important to succeed in marketing. To be consistent, you need to work on something you are comfortable with.

 What if you find a brilliant marketing strategy, but you cannot do it yourself? You either hire someone to do it for you or work harder to acquire the skills.

Know Where Your Clients Are And Be There

Marketing may simply mean delivering your message to the right people.

Any marketing strategy you choose should showcase your translation or interpretation services in front of as many people as possible.

Always ask yourself, “Does this marketing strategy put me where my clients are?”

 For example, would you choose to advertise in a national newspaper or on LinkedIn? For me I will choose LinkedIn, because I can use its targeting options to ensure my advertisements reach the right people.

Know How much you can pay

Your budget will have a great impact when choosing your marketing activities, and you need to be cautious, as there are no free marketing strategies. They cost either money or time.

I work from Egypt and my clients are based in Europe or the United States.

Using offline marketing strategies does not work for me, because it requires more money and time to travel and meet with potential clients. Instead, I use online marketing heavily to reach to my clients while I am based in Egypt.

 You need to allocate a budget to market your translation or interpretation services. Based on this budget, you can select certain marketing strategies to follow.


Marketing takes time and needs patience. So, always start with something you can do and start doing the hard work. Measure the results of your marketing activities and see if you need to change something.

Do not overwhelm yourself by following many marketing strategies at the same time. Start small and move on.

I would REALLY like to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know what other things you think translator and interpreters need to consider before choosing their marketing strategies.

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  1. I think the best strategy is to hire someone specialized in marketing to undertake this mission.

    1. Sherif Abuzid says:

      It depends on your strategy, budget, and skills. Definitely, you can outsource your marketing, but this is done for agencies in most of the cases. I mean freelancers here :). However, in any case, you need to have some marketing skills to lead the marketing activities.

  2. Thank you for this piece of advice. On LinkedIn, how does a freelance translator engage in the marketing process? Where to start? How to start?

    1. Sherif Abuzid says:

      You can start by adding articles to LinkedIn and connecting with vendor managers in translation agencies or concerned people with direct clients. It may take a while, but it will generate results based on your efforts.

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