4 Reasons Freelance Translators Need a Marketing Plan

Translators Marketing Skills

You hear me saying this over and over:

“Translators need to market their services”   

I say this, almost, in every article or video.

Because my +10-experience in this field proves marketing is important to survive.

It does not have to be complicated, but it needs to be done.

And having a simple market plan in place will make it easier for you

A marketing plan is a road-map you develop to guide you in your attempt to find clients who need translation services so you can achieve your business goals.

The plan will lay out the foundation of your marketing activities for the coming weeks and months.

I believe translators need to have a marketing plan for the below reasons:1.

Reason #1: to Have a Clear Direction

A wish without a plan is just a wish.

We all wish to have more clients who need our translation services, and this can be achieved through marketing. But most freelance translators do it sporadically, without intention.

Non-deliberate actions may achieve results in the short term.

But if you have a marketing plan for your business, you will have a clear direction you can follow to reach your business goals.

Once you have a clear, step-by-step plan, you have achieved 50% of the work. Now you only need to move on and execute.

Reason #2: To Use your Resources Wisely

Many freelancers tend to spend money and energy on different marketing activities, hoping that these will bring in some clients.

If you have enough money, you may think about updating your website, getting a new business card, or printing more copies of your brochure.

But do you really need to do these things?

 I’m not saying they’re wrong, but are they aligned with your goals and plans for this month/year? You’ll never know unless you have a plan you can measure your actions against.

Reason #3: To Keep Your Business Healthy

Adding a steady flow of new clients to your business is very critical. You will know this after spending 3-5 years on any business.

Things change.

Maybe the big client you work with now will shut down their business and you’ll lose the majority of your income.

Or maybe they will lose one of their large contracts.

If you don’t have a plan to regularly attract new clients to your translation business, you’re putting yourself – and maybe your family – at huge risk.

Reason #4: To Motivate Yourself

I am guilty of that! When I don’t have a plan for the week or the month, I feel demotivated.

But when I have a plan, I feel committed and inspired to complete the needed tasks.

 You can be distracted by many things in life: family, friends, social media, or even admin tasks for your freelance translation business.

But having a plan can motivate you to return to what you need to follow to achieve your dreams and goals.

Final Words

I started without any type of a marketing plan, and wrote a simple one later on. You do not have to write a 50-page marketing plan, it can be just 1-2 pages that explain your target client and the activities you will do for the coming weeks.

Spend 2-3 hours writing your plan and move to the execution phase quickly and adapt your plan while you are working

Good luck hunting for new clients!

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  • Tany Fonseca says:

    Sherif, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, very wise words!

    • Sherif Abuzid says:

      Thanks a lot Tany. Just trying to write based on my practical experience 🙂

  • Thank you for this powerful information God bless you.

    • Sherif Abuzid says:

      You welcome Candi 🙂