7 Blogs Freelance Translators Should Read

Blog #1: The Savvy Newcomer

This blog has an editorial team of professional translators who have been working in the translation space for a very long time. The blog’s articles are mainly for new translators and interpreters. The Savvy Newcomer covers topics such as how to start a freelance career, how to write a CV, how to set a budget, and other topics related to business practices for freelance translators. The best thing about this blog is that it has many voices because it accepts posts written by other translators, who share their experiences.

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Blog #2: Training for Translators

This blog is written by Corinne McKay, who is an ATA-certified French-to-English translator. She started blogging for translators in 2006, so this blog is one of the oldest for translators out there. The blog covers topics such as payment methods, marketing, software reviews, staying healthy, copywriting, and diversification for freelance translators. Corinne also has a newsletter where she shares things not written in the blog and announces her coming courses.

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Blog #3: Success by Rx

This blog is written by Jenae Spry, who is an English-to-French medical translator. Jenae runs the Success by Rx program for freelance translators in which she provides free webinars and paid memberships. She is a productivity specialist and has a Facebook group where translators talk about productivity and other business topics. The blog covers many topics, but the best part is the webinars Jenae hosts. You will learn about email marketing, website design, SEO, and many other interesting topics for freelance translators.

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Blog #4: Maeva Everywhere

I recently discovered this blog, and it looks very, very interesting. The blog articles are written by Maeva, who describes herself as a location-independent content strategist, writer, and translator. Maeva covers a lot about digital marketing for freelancers. For example, she wrote about social media marketing and optimizing the LinkedIn profiles for freelance translators. The blog also covers topics related to travel and lifestyle, which might be interesting topics if you plan to live the digital nomad life like Maeva.

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Blog #5: RWS Blog

This blog is written by the RWS translation agency team. This one does not cover topics for freelance translators but rather topics for translation buyers. You will learn more about why language services are important for direct clients and how those services can help them generate more revenue. Following this blog will help you understand how you can convey the value of translation to potential clients who seek translation services.

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Blog #6: Millo

This blog has an editorial team and accepts guest posts. You will read about everything freelancing. You will read tips and stories from freelancers in different industries. You will read about billing, finding new clients, blogging, podcasting, marketing, freelancing tools, goal setting, and many other topics. The team behind Millo also hosts a podcast called Freelance to Founder, where you will hear interesting stories from other freelancers.

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Blog #7: Kopywriting Kourse

That is not a spelling mistake. The blog name is Kopywriting Kourse, and it is about copywriting! The blog articles are written by Neville Medhora. I believe freelance translators need to learn to copywrite because they often promote their services through emails and write on social media to connect with potential clients. It is not enough to write emails or messages that are free from spelling and grammar errors. You need to learn how to present your ideas and services attractively, and copywriting can help you do that.

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Read All These Blogs in One Place

The traditional way to read or follow these blogs is to subscribe to their newsletters. But doing so will add more emails to read to your inbox, which is not a good strategy.

There is an easy way for you to read all these blogs in one place: subscribing to an RSS read service. Simply put, this type of service collects all the new articles of your chosen blogs or websites in one place so you can read them all once and keep your inbox clean for work emails.

There are many RSS services, but I highly recommend Feedly. You can subscribe to Feedly for free and install the app on your smartphone. Just choose to add new content and search for the blogs or websites you want to follow, and you will see every article they post.

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Final Words!

As you can see, many of these blogs provide great advice for freelance translators. It is an excellent idea to expose yourself to different experiences from others and build your career your way. As a freelancer, you have to build additional skills other than your technical ones (translation, in this case). Reading these blogs will help you build the many business skills you need to succeed as a freelance translator.

Leave a comment below if you know additional blogs that should be included in this post!

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