How Freelance Translators Can Market Their Services in Less Time (Three Hours a Week!)

How much time does it take you to market your translation business? My answer is 2-3 hours a week, including looking for clients and contacting them.

You probably think that is a not enough time.

So, let me tell you why 2-3 hours may be all what you need.

As a freelance translator, you don’t need hundreds of clients to serve. You only need seven to ten regular clients who can pay you reasonable prices. Actually, you can work with as little as three to five clients, but I like to increase the number to distribute my income across more clients and avoid the risk of losing a big part of my income if I lose a large client.

If you get two new clients every four months, then you can get six new clients in one year.

This growth may not work for everyone, but it is doable based on my previous experiences. It can happen if you do your marketing consistently, and that consistency can be achieved with only three hours a week.

Here are some tips to market your translation services in less time and achieve more results.

Tip 1: Plan Your Actions

Freelance translators marketing

You can take many actions to market your translation business.

For example, you can send emails, complete an online application, send follow-up emails to a client, update your website, update your resume, or send personalized connection requests to LinkedIn contacts. There are tons of actions you can take.

You need to decide what actions you will take and plan when you will focus on them on weekly or daily basis.

This planning will keep you on track and you will not have to spend time thinking about what you need to do now to market your translation business.

I prefer to plan my actions one week ahead. For example, this week, I know I will be doing an SEO audit of my website.

Plan your marketing actions ahead of time to avoid wasting time.

Tip 2: Block Time Off

The best way to do something is to block off time for it in your time management system, whether that is a Google Calendar or your daily journal. You can even add sticky notes to your desk to motivate yourself and remember what you need to do.

The best time to do marketing is during the first hours of your day. Your mind is clearer, and you can finish tasks faster.

Maybe you think it is better to block off the morning for translation tasks.

I agree with you, but remember that you only need three hours a week to market your translation services, and without marketing, you will not have enough clients to send you translation tasks!

You could block off only one morning for marketing and use the rest of the week’s mornings for translation work.

Tip 3: Speed Things Up with Templates

With time, you will find that clients ask the same questions over and over and that you give the same answers.

You will also find that specific introduction emails get you more responses. Why not create templates for these emails and answers?

You can create templates for introduction emails, follow-up emails, LinkedIn connection requests, and online application answers.

 However, you will need to personalize these templates before sending them by adding the person’s name or the company name. By doing so, the recipient will not feel you are sending pre-written responses.

Use templates for your marketing to spend less time doing it!

Tip 4: Batch Your Actions

In tip #1, I explained that you need to plan your marketing actions ahead of time, and you can add to that by doing similar actions together.

For example, send all your follow-up emails together (and if you have templates, you can even do them in less time).

Doing similar tasks all at once will enable you to finish them faster because you will use less energy.

Final Words

I know you realize how important marketing is for your translation business. That is why you need to be serious about it. A few hours every week is enough to achieve results. Yes, there are other factors involved, such as the quality of your emails and your relationship with potential clients, but consistency can fix many weaknesses.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about these tips or if you have any additional ones.

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  1. There are many mistakes on the first paragraph and your first tip doesn’t even have an explanation, it just shows a bonus which has nothing to do with planning… I appreciate the effort but this blog post is not useful.

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